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Due to the specific weight of concrete foam and its ease of preparation, it is possible to cover the floor of all floors after the completion of the works, and immediately proceed to the next operation directly. The fluidity of the foam makes it easy to fill all the joints in the building and create a smooth, smooth surface.
One of the key issues regarding early drying foam concrete is that it accelerates the work process and saves labor, time and most importantly costs.
Concrete foam is a fluidized material with a suitable density for post-application ductility. Also, the high rate of discharge and discharge in the area helps to avoid the need for muscle building.
In the first step, we propose employers to clean the floor of their preferred flooring area. Any waste, debris and plaster will disrupt the work process. For example, the presence of plaster on the floor of the floor causes the concrete to fall, because the plaster absorbs the water in the foam concrete.
Chromoting is a must-have on concrete foam flooring because it gives you the level of alignment. The chroming in the stack is done in three ways.
Spot chroma: For spaces less than 10 square meters.
Linear Chrome: For spaces that range from 10 to 15 square meters.
Chrome Spider: For spatial areas of more than 15 square meters, gravity is important for us.
In general, concrete foaming is affordable for spaces that are more than 5 cm deep.